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If you’re in the food business, you'll know that your staff should be checking your fridge temperature at least every four hours, or you’ve probably breached Food Standards safety regulations.


If a fridge or freezer loses power or a door is accidentally left open and the temperature spikes,  how soon do you want to know? Seconds, minutes, hours?

Fridge.Live has developed an affordable, end-to-end instant alerting solution for managers of restaurants, clubs, pharmacies, hospitals & food handling businesses, using the latest wireless IoT device. No installation, no wiring, no fuss. Simply place the device inside your fridge & our ops team will confirm if our platform is receiving signal data from it. The device will then send temperature data every 1 hour.

Input who you want alerted outside of temperature thresholds, via SMS, email or robo phone call. 

Simple, elegant, affordable and undeniable.

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